Sugnamal Amaanat Grey Muslin Zardozi and Gotta Patti Detailed Suit Set (Unstitched)

Rs. 3,130.00

Decorated with zardozi opulence and gotta patti, this beautiful and timeless accent of hand embroidery against the grey muslin with brown floral print all over. Flaunt this captivating piece of art with a complimentary benarasi silk dupatta and cotton silk bottom fabric that comes with it.

Features of the Sugnamal Amaanat Golden Pure Brocade Silk Suit Set:

  1. Embellishments:

    • Zardozi Opulence: Intricate hand embroidery featuring zardozi opulence, adding a touch of regal charm and luxury.
    • Gotta Patti: Delicate gotta patti work enhances the overall elegance of the attire, showcasing traditional craftsmanship.
  2. Fabric:

    • Premium Quality: Crafted from grey muslin fabric, known for its softness, comfort, and durability.
    • Brown Floral Print: Timeless brown floral print all over the fabric, adding a classic and graceful aesthetic to the ensemble.
  3. Dupatta:

    • Complimentary Benarasi Silk: The set includes a complimentary Benarasi silk dupatta, beautifully coordinating with the suit fabric and enhancing its allure.
  4. Bottom Fabric:

    • Cotton Silk: The set comes with cotton silk bottom fabric, ensuring a comfortable fit and complementing the overall design of the suit.
  5. Timeless Appeal:

    • Captivating Piece of Art: This suit set is a captivating piece of art, blending traditional hand embroidery with contemporary design elements.
    • Timeless Accent: The combination of hand embroidery against the grey muslin fabric with brown floral print creates a timeless accent, perfect for special occasions or cultural events.

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